Pre-sale introduction!
Pre-sale introduction!

Pre-sale introduction!

Like we mentioned before, we were moving the funding of the book from Kickstarter to our own website. We felt like Kickstarter didn’t have the personal touch we wanted, but now you can find everything on our own website!

On the page ‘Pre-sale’, we listed the same options as the kickstarter page had (books and posters), also with room for donation if you feel like supporting this creative process 😊
We also started posting the selected posters, and during this week we will add more to the list 🤩 We will keep you posted about these updates through our social media platforms and website, so keep an eye out for these posts!

We expect the book to be published at the end of August, which will also be the period (beginning of September) for the book presentation. The books and posters can be picked up at this presentation (more info about this later), but we can also ship it to you. Through the website you’ll find more information about the options, donate or pre-order a copy of the book and/or a poster you like! 😊

Go to ‘pre-sale’ by clicking here.

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