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The book

The book


The journey from living on the edge to the center of life


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Rocky roads the book is a translation of Flo’s and Juliët’s process of cancer and lyme into 132 pages full of illustrations, poems and personal stories. These forms describe how they successfully faced similar challenges through different diagnoses, and how they both started expressing as artists again. Rocky roads shows the beauty of the ever-changing road, and how it is full of sweet surprises.

We decided that we wanted to share how we went from de-pression (depressing ourselves and our emotions) to ex-pression (expressing ourselves and our emotions) and with that idea the basis of the book was created. Flo made the illustrations based on the feeling of the poems. This was another way of seeing how many similarities two different journeys can contain.

Each poem and illustration expresses a different part in the process, and describes the parts that we were depressing, the parts we were able to embrace, as well as the parts where we truly felt like we could express ourselves completely.

In addition to the poems and illustrations, we share our moment of diagnosis, and what storms we encountered through stories. As our subtitle, the journey from living on the edge to the center of life, describes, we started a journey. In the book, we describe what ‘living on the edge’ and ‘the center of life’ means for us by writing about our experiences on how we relate to these subjects. We wish for you to find recognition in the artwork, and that it might relight your own artistic flame as well. 

Read more about the book here, and find more information about the authors here.



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September 4 2021




132 pages


240 mm x 170 mm


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