Personalized art print

Personalized art print

The personalized art print session can be done in both English and Dutch. // De gepersonaliseerde art print sessie kan zowel in het Engels als Nederlands gedaan worden.

A personalized art print allows you to see the incredible journey you’re on with different eyes. It’s an opportunity to share your flame with others and watch it bloom through the eyes of artists, all while re-discovering yourself in new words, forms, and colors.

Why a personalized art print?

The personalized art print is to capture significant turning points or changes in your life in a very personal way. This session is about you and your own road. The observant way of interaction in this process can add clarity to your own journey; whether you want to focus on a past event, a current moment or your next steps. 

About the artists’ journeys

The book Rocky roads describes Jules’ and Flo’s journey through disease; the diagnosis of cancer and lyme disease formed the start of a rollercoaster ride that transformed the perceptions of themselves and the world. They dove right in and learned to reflect on their actions. They discovered a way to express themselves by writing and painting about different aspects of their journey. Rocky roads published the poems and illustrations that resulted from this process.

Because they were able to reflect on themselves and the decisions they made in their daily lives, they were also able to share their experiences with those around them. Words and images came up almost immediately as a result of listening and observing, bringing a lot of recognition not only in themselves, but also in the person they were speaking with. Without trying to ‘fix’ anything, someone else’s experience became a lesson for them as well. 

Your own journey

You get the possibility to dive into your own journey with the personalized art print. Flo and Jules will turn your own journey into an art print after a session of an hour. During the session, they will ask questions like: ‘What is the story of your journey?’ ‘When did you first begin walking, and how did you do it?’ ‘What challenges did you meet and how did you deal with them?’ Nothing is repaired or solved at the end of the session, but you might experience your own journey through new eyes ;).


We try to get into as much detail on the process in this section. If you have any questions at all or would like to speak with Flo or Jules about any part of the session, please give us a call. We are more than happy to help!

The exchange for the personalized art print is €450, which will be paid directly after the booking to confirm your session.

Week 1Main session; learn about your journey and first artwork creation
Week 2Flo & Jules focus on the further creation and unfolding of the illustration and poem.
Date arrangement of hand-over session.
Week 3Flo & Jules finalize the illustration and poem.
Week 4Hand-over session: contemplating and reflecting on the final artwork.

Booking a session

First, you decide when to make an appointment with us (you will find the agenda on the bottom of this page), and you will be taken to the page to finalize the payment. We’ll send you a confirmation email with more details about what happens next. If you choose to do the session in person, we will include a location description. If you prefer to meet online, we will send you a zoom link one day prior to the session.

The main session

During the main session, which will be no more than one hour, we will ask you questions about your journey. Like: Do you see a clear starting point of that certain process (may be a diagnosis or a major life event)? Is there a pattern repeating throughout your journey? What are some of the obstacles that you find challenging? These and other questions form an image based on which we will write a poem and create the artwork. Not only will we offer a safe space for you to share whatever that comes up during the session, but we might also explore specific themes and share our own discoveries.

Flo & Jules create the artwork

After the conversation (and probably a few cups of tea), we start working on the artwork and poem. This creation takes place over the following 2-3 weeks. Once the illustration and poem are ready, we are going to digitally develop them. You will receive the final art print in the fourth week.

The handover session

During our ‘handover session’, four weeks after our conversation, we will take time to contemplate and reflect on the final artwork, which includes:

  • The art print of the poem-illustration combination (50 x 70 cm) on high-quality (350 grams) art paper;
  • OPTIONAL: Wooden frame – If you prefer to have your artprint framed on forehand (massive oak – unvarnished), we ask for an additional €52,- (which includes the extra option for anti-glare glass and shipping cost). If you want this option, please select “Online – with frame” when confirming your booking below;
  • The original illustration as well as the exclusive poem in print;
  • A hand-made folder displaying the original artwork, with your personal symbol on the front. (Flo created this symbol out of the feeling of the entire journey that you shared with us – read more about the symbol here);
  • The sketches and steps involved in creating the original artwork and poem;
  • A signed copy of the book Rocky roads.

A date for the art print handover will be determined in week 2.

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