Our fundraiser is live!!
Our fundraiser is live!!

Our fundraiser is live!!

If something doesn’t feel right, change until it does.


This is what happened with kickstarter, as it feels like it started getting in-between us, the book, and you, which doesn’t feel right to us. And that’s why we are changing some things for now. We decided to change the crowdfunding into a pre-sale with room for donation, located on our own website. Simple and personal, just like we wish the connection with the book feels like for you.


Yessss the moment we’ve been working on for quite some time now is coming true: the fundraiser of our book Rocky roads is live!! By clicking on this link, you can check out our page and support us financially. Every donation is such a big help, and if financial support is not an option for you, sharing it with your family and friends would already help us greatly.

Thank you so much for helping us and we can’t wait to share the book with you!

Jules and Flo