Jules’ (Rocky) road: sharing time!
Jules’ (Rocky) road: sharing time!

Jules’ (Rocky) road: sharing time!

One week ago, I left for Ecuador to travel. I bought a single ticket, had no plans and decided to let myself be surprised. I’m making choices for just one day at a time; each day might include totally different travels, or I’ll stay at the same place for a longer period of time, if that is what feels right.

Sitting here, with this beautiful view, I am going through Rocky roads the book, figuring out if there is something I wish to share.

Coming across this combination on page 56 – 57, and taking in the poem and painting again, I’m reminded of how I left Amsterdam for Ecuador.

I didn’t leave from an urge to run away. It also wasn’t because Amsterdam or the Netherlands weren’t good enough.

It was because I was feeling free back in the Netherlands already. I had space to make my own decisions and do what I really wanted to do. Mentally, I was free.

I’ve wanted to travel by myself for quite some time, and I was now at the point I felt free to do so.

It makes such a difference to travel if you’re coming from a place of (mental) freedom. It brings such joy to travel while you’re at peace with the life you have back home.

“I always thought
That having space
Would set me free

Just as I thought 
That endless time
Would give me endless freedom

But now I realize
That neither time
Nor space 
Would do

Only me
Being free
Would set me free”