A post about fears
A post about fears

A post about fears

Oh you, dear fear,
If only I had realized
That it was my own choice
To let you direct’

When we fear something, an old memory takes over our current experience. Instead of looking at what is really in front of us, we respond out of fear. Is it really that bad? What if we looked at it without allowing our memories to guide us?

Jules’ recent experience:

‘I’m currently in the Ecuadorian Amazon and my hostel is located in the jungle. The last days we have seen tarantulas and other large spiders in the premises.

Because of all the stories I’d heard about how dangerous or scary these animals are, seeing them for the first time triggered a huge fear. But, if I took the time to look at it without allowing fear to take over, I could see its beauty: the way it walked, the forms, the legs, the colors… the fear vanished when I took the time to pause and look at it. And when I reacted from the fearful memories, I was scared… We always have the choice of allowing fear to direct us.

At some point I remembered this poem and artwork, and I was able to recognize and identify the fear, to finally embrace it.’