Art print: ‘The eyes’
Art print: ‘The eyes’

Art print: ‘The eyes’


Art print: ‘The eyes’
70 x 70 cm

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“The eyes
The window to the soul


But is it your soul

Or mine I am seeing


Is it your grief

Or is it mine


We share so much
We have so much in common


Could it be ours?
Could we share our emotions

Our events
Or even our loss


Because you know
I recognize so much of me in you

And I know you do in me too


So what if we share
All that we feel
And that the window to the soul
Reflects us both?”


This art print is a combination of a poem and the according illustration, which can be found on page 20-21 in the book ‘Rocky roads’, launched in September 2021. The sizing of this print will be 70 x 70 cm, and is a way of including your favorite combination of a poem and illustration in your home.


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